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You just don’t luck into things as much as you’d like to think you do. You build step by step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities.

—Barbara Bush

In a 24-hour news cycle saturated with sensational stories and celebrity news, promoting your brand and getting your messages heard can be a challenge. But at Swoozie Kimmel Public Relations Strategies, we use smart strategy and clever tactics to create buzz for your brand and interest in your story, service or product. When that’s not enough, we’ll do a couple of handstands or bust a few moves … whatever it takes!

Smart strategy

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In our experience, a lack of communications planning often results in disappointment, ineffective use of funds and failure to achieve desired results. That’s why we consult with you from the start to identify the smartest strategy to achieve your goals and reach your target audiences. Our comprehensive communications plans include research and analysis of your market, clarification of your communications goals and objectives, specific strategies and tactics to reach your goals, and simple standards to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

Compelling stories

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Sometimes you need help telling your story in the most compelling way. This could be because your PR team is overloaded with other pressing projects or simply lacks the expertise needed to execute certain tactics. That’s when we can help—either as an extension of your communications team or as your PR representative. We can jump right in drafting news releases, crafting talking points, writing blogs and feature articles or training executives on how to tell your story to the news media or your community.

Timely news

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In a 24-hour news cycle, there’s a constant demand for news. And today, there are more communication vehicles available for disseminating and consuming information. This presents a variety of opportunities to tell your story. At SK PR, we can help you determine how to make your story newsworthy, identify the most effective and timely media mix for sharing your news and design the best strategy to respond to an impending crisis. We also can help your team plan and staff news events, create targeted news media lists, build relationships with news reporters or bloggers, pitch story ideas, execute publicity blitzes, or respond to impending crises.

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